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2930F SFP+

Hello, I need to connect a new 2930F switch with present 5406zl2 via fiber. The 5406 has SFP+ X132 LC LRM (J9152A). I found that 2930F supports only LC SR (J9150A), LC LR (J9151A) and LC ER (J9153A). I canot find any match with 5406's LC LRM in wavelength or fiber mode.

Which SFP+ transceiver should I use in 2930F? The connection will be about 100 meters long.

Thank you.


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Re: 2930F SFP+

I dont think there is a compatible SFP for the 2930F to the J9152A. I just tried connecting one to a J9150A in iris and it wouldnt allow it. Suggest you purchase 2 x J9150A and use one at each end.

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Re: 2930F SFP+



I think if both (J9152A at the 5400 to J9151A at the 2930F) are connected using monomode fiber G.652 - 9/125um over a distance of no more than 300 meters it will work because they work at the same wave (1310).

Also, there is some other threads at other forums that said it worked fine.





Transceivers datasheet:









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Re: 2930F SFP+

Its a good shout from Pepe and it may well work if you have 9/125 SM fibre. If you dont and you have 62.5/125 or 50/125 MM then this wont work.


Also, if you do have MM and it is OM1 or OM2 see the note on the datasheet provided by Pepe:


A mode conditioning patch cord is required when you use OM1 or OM2 fiber types on an HPE X132 10G SFP+ LC LRM Transceiver (J9152A). Never use mode conditioning patch cords for OM3 fiber types. For more information about mode conditioning patch cords, see related parts in the IEEE802.3 standard.

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Re: 2930F SFP+

I decided to connect them using J9150A on both sides. Because I have the 50/125 fibre. Thank you for helping, Kudos are arriving :-)

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