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2930F site wide network information needed


I am new to community as I need some info regarding site wide network solutions. I have to work in a project which is building site wide network with aruba 2930f. I have little knowledge about such networks and would like to learn and understand at least basics. So if anybody could correct and point me to the right direction to learn more I would be very grateful.

So basically the project is for 5 blocks. Contractor is installing aruba 2930f switches in 10 server rooms in 5 blocks. All network and all utility systems will be connected to this network and switches will beconnected with fibre. They will divide network in 5 different networks for every system(bms, landlord services, door entry system and etc..) some of them will have internet connection and they shouldnt be able to connect to other systems. There will be no wifi.

So basically I have no clue that they are talking about and I need to know at least basics. 

- How they are separating networks.

- Do they use only switches or some kind of controller.

- How they are going to manage network.

So if somebody could point me to right directions to learn this.

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