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2930F vs S1500

I have an S1500 switch running part of my home network.  When I plug in a 7005 controller and power it with the POE from the switch it gets the full AT power so the USB port and a 4G USB modem works.  When I move the 7005 to an HPE 2930F switch it only gets AF power so the USB modem does not work.  Other than VLANs the swtiches are the basic default configuration.  I tried the following commands on the port and it didnt help.


poe-allocate-by value
poe-value 30

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Re: 2930F vs S1500



This is curious behavior, and we will definitely want to investigate why it is happening.


Please provide the switch software version for the 2930F, the 7005 software version, and (sanitized) output of the following commands:


switch# show power-over-ethernet
switch# show power-over-ethernet brief
switch# show power-over-ethernet <controller port>
switch# show lldp config <controller port>
switch# show lldp info remote-device <controller port>

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Re: 2930F vs S1500

The S1500 was/is running  This is my home lab.  So I transitioned over to a 2930F.  I am going through an SD-WAN deployment and doing some of the initial build/work from home.  When I have the 2930F powering the 7005 the power light is amber like I would expect.  When I power up the 7005 with the AC power cable and let it fully boot up that power light on the 7005 is green.  I then connect the switch to the 7005 on port  0 and the power light goes from green to amber.

Aruba Partner Ambassador ACMX #252, ACDX #824,ACCP, ACSA, AWMP, CCNP Wireless & Security
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