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2930M PoE AP-515 power issue



I am not very familar with the aruba switching platform but I just got a 2930M ROM67A so I'm using it in my lab to provision a bunch of AP-515. However I am not able to get the APs to get online. I enabled lldp with lldp run but:


1. The AP is only negotiating 9.3W


What is going wrong here? I feel this is something really stupid.

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Re: 2930M PoE AP-515 power issue

Is the device successfully identified by LLDP?


show lldp info remote-device [INTERFACE]

Asking the obvious, but you are using E0 on the AP and not E1?

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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Re: 2930M PoE AP-515 power issue



Aruba-Test-SW01-2930M# sh lldp info remote-device 48

LLDP Remote Device Information Detail

Local Port : 48
ChassisType : mac-address
ChassisId : 9c8cd8-ca7cec
PortType : mac-address
PortId : 9c 8c d8 ca 7c ec
SysName : 9c:8c:d8:ca:7c:ec
System Descr : ArubaOS (MODEL: 515), Version Aruba IAP
PortDescr : eth0
Pvid :

System Capabilities Supported : bridge, wlan-access-point
System Capabilities Enabled : wlan-access-point

Remote Management Address
Type : ipv4
Address : x.x.x.x

Poe Plus Information Detail

Poe Device Type : Type2 PD
Power Source : Only PSE
Power Priority : Unknown
PD Requested Power Value : 25.5 Watts
PSE Allocated Power Value : 25.5 Watts


show power-over-ethernet 48:


Aruba-Test-SW01-2930M# show power-over-ethernet 48

Status and Configuration Information for port 48

Power Enable : Yes PoE Port Status : Delivering^
PLC Class/Type : 5/3 Priority Config : high
DLC Class/Type : 0/- Pre-std Detect : off
Alloc By Config : usage Configured Type :
Alloc By Actual : usage PoE Value Config : n/a

PoE Counter Information

Over Current Cnt : 0 MPS Absent Cnt : 1
Power Denied Cnt : 0 Short Cnt : 0

LLDP Information

PSE Allocated Power Value : 7.8 W PSE TLV Configured : dot3, MED
PD Requested Power Value : 0.0 W PSE TLV Sent Type : dot3
MED LLDP Detect : Disabled PD TLV Sent Type : n/a

Power Information

PSE Voltage : 55.0 V PSE Reserved Power : 8.5 W
PD Amperage Draw : 143 mA PD Power Draw : 7.9 W


^ - Power demoted ports

Refer to command's help option for field definitions




At first it showed lldp under alloc actual. Now it's back to usage and at power demoted.

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