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2930M Stack to 2930M Stack Ring Topology



We have two data closets with two stacks of 2930Ms.  The two data closets are connected by two diverse fiber cables.  We would like to connect the stacks together using the diverse fiber paths.  We have the fiber SFPs (2 in each stack).  What is the best method to accomplish this?  We have 10gig SFPs, which is plenty of throughput.  We are interested in the quickest convergence time if an SFP goes bad or fiber gets cut. 


LAG and spanning tree come to mind, but maybe there is something better.


Thanks for your help on this.  New to the Aruba world.



Scott Klein 


Re: 2930M Stack to 2930M Stack Ring Topology

LACP would seem the best option.


2 individual links with spanning tree doesn't really give a quick failover in case of link failure. 

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