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2930M Transceivers & LACP

I just purchased 3 2930m switches and have placed them in a stack.  I need to connect them to my core stack "Brocade" using lacp.  I purchased the Aruba J9151D transceivers and have them both plugged into the stack.  I am using Brocade transceivers in the core stack and I am unable to get the lacp link to work.  One thing I tried was to put a Brocade transceiver in the Aruba stack, enable the non-supported-transceiver and the link comes up.  If I put an Aruba transceiver in the core Brocade stack the link also comes up.  I assume this is an issue on the Aruba side or am I missing a command?

Re: 2930M Transceivers & LACP

Are the links coming up and the LACP LAG not forming?  Or is there no link at all?


With the Aruba transceivers in the 2930M switches, can you do a "show tech transceivers" and paste the output?



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Re: 2930M Transceivers & LACP

The links comes up but when I do a show lacp "Partner" is no unless I use the same transceiver on each end.  


show lacp

LACP Trunk Port LACP Admin Oper
Port Enabled Group Status Partner Status Key Key
----- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------ ------
1/A2 Active Trk1 Down No Success 0 532
3/A1 Active Trk1 Up Yes Success 0 532


show tech transceivers


Transceiver Technical Information:
Port # | Type | Prod # | Serial # | Part #
1/A2 *| SFP+SR | ?? | unsupported |
3/A1 | SFP+LR | J9151D | CN7BKCC0H2 | 1990-4694

* third-party transceivershow time
Wed Apr 25 16:14:02 2018



Re: 2930M Transceivers & LACP

What's the model # of the Brocade transceiver?  You have LR type Aruba transceivers, can you confirm you have LR on Brocade as well?  

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Re: 2930M Transceivers & LACP

We are currently using Brocade 57-0000075-01

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Re: 2930M Transceivers & LACP

10G SR (the Brocade Xcvrs) and 10G LR (the Aruba ones) use different wavelengths, hence no connectivity. 


You need to match the technology types on both ends:  SR to SR (uses Multimode Fiber) or LR to LR (over Singlemode Fiber). 


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