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2930M routing problems


Hope someone can help me with the next problem.

We got a stack of 2930M switches. 

All is configured well, and tested well.

But now we want to route from the WAN (a IPVPN) to devices/switches which have the gateway pointed at the 2930M.

This is not working well.

case info:

2930 VLAN 99: (GW of the network)

WLC7205 VLAN 99: (GW

the 2930 has a transit to a router, the IP of the router is and the IP of the switch is

ip routing and ip route is in place. 

When i connect from a client (in this case a SSL VPN user) to the and everything is working fine.

When i connect to it won't work and the last hop in a traceroute will be


I created a TAC case because i thing this is a problem in de routing core/table of the switch. But maybe there are some smart minds on here which can help me solve the problem. 

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Re: 2930M routing problems

I found the problem in the router before the switch

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