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3810M 모델에서 job schedule 기능으로 PoE enable/disable 기능 가능여부 문의


 3810M 모델에 job schedule 기능이 있는데, PoE 기능에 대한 enable/disable기능,port up/down schedule 기능 설정이 가능한지


 메뉴얼에는 port up/down도 가능한걸로 되어 있는데, 실제 config 가능한지 문의 드립니다.


Can I set the poe enable/disable function using the job schedule function in the 3810M  model?
The Manual also has a port up/down function, Contact us to see if it is actually possible

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Re: 3810M 모델에서 job schedule 기능으로 PoE enable/disable 기능 가능여부 문의



You have an option to run a job at a specific time of the day.


I would suggest running 2 jobs one to enable and the other one ot disable.


Here's the command to get that done.


 job test at 19:00 "no interface A1 power" count 1000

 job test at 20:00 "interface A1 power" count 1000


This would shut off power from 19:00hrs to 20:00hrs and repeats the same for 1000 days.


THD-PVLAN-1(eth-A1)# show job

Job Scheduler Status and Configuration

Scheduler Status : Running

Event or Repeat Save
Name Time Count Cfg Command
------------------ -------------------- ------ ---- -------------------------
test 19:00 -- No interface a1 power
test2 20:00 -- No no interface a1 power




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