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3810M DHCP Option60 Configuration Error

       I am implementing a campus network. Two 3810M are stacked as aggregation switches, and some 2930F  are used as access layer switches.

     The AP and the controller are in different Layer 2 networks. The 3810M stacking switch acts as the gateway of the AP and acts as a DHCP server to assign addresses to the AP. I plan to configure the DHCP option to enable the AP to discover the controller,But I got an error when I configured the option60 option.



  Can someone help me solve it?

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Re: 3810M DHCP Option60 Configuration Error

I checked some release notes and added support for option60 and option150 in KB16.06.008.

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Re: 3810M DHCP Option60 Configuration Error

Yes, it's explained here (see the PDF attachment).


Statement: "DHCP server raw Option 60 is supported on ArubaOS-Switch starting version 16.06".

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