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5406R zl2 vlans

Just checking on multiple vlan configuration for this switch...


Is there an easy way to allow all tagged vlans on a port?


I appears that if I want to allow all vlans on a port, I would add that port to a trk interface and then add all the vlans that are needed to that trk interface. There is no "tagged vlan all" command. 


Is this correct? Is there an easier way?


(migrating from another switch...not my ideal way of configuring, but thats where I'm at with my timecrunch.)

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Re: 5406R zl2 vlans

I'm not aware of a single command to add all VLANs to a port. This has roots in the fact that the OS is VLAN centric, instead of port centric.


You can work through your partner or Aruba SE to get a feature request filed for such functionality.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: 5406R zl2 vlans

Haven't tried it for this specific purpose but i imagine you could take a running config backup, doctor it so the port you want is tagged in all the vlans and then squirt it back in again.

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Re: 5406R zl2 vlans

Hi, something like that ...


For a range (all vlans)


int 1 tagged vlan 1-100

or specific vlans


int 1 tagged vlan 1,10,21-30


Vlans must exist at global level for the command to work !

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