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8320 (10.04.0001) DEBUG >>> syslog & buffer << logged interface missing

Re:  8320 (10.04.0001) DEBUG >>> syslog & buffer << logged interfaces missing


We have a total HPE Provision (aos-s) environment.  We are introducing an 8320 into the mix at the center of our "wagon wheel" statically routed IPv4 network.


8320 setup:


Port Type Product Serial Part Number Number Number


1/1/1 SFP+SR J9150D MY34KDC9151 1990-4175

1/1/46 SFP+SR J9150A MY91GHD0XV 1990-4175


8320 LOGGING symptoms:

All 1/1/1 and 1/1/46 config is identical except for the interface descriptions.

The debug buffer and syslog information only references:

"vlan 1xxx, port 1/1/1, direction in"  <<<<


NOT "vlan 1xxx, port 1/1/46, direction in"   <<<< NEVER


No other problematic network symptoms in/out 1/1/46 as far as we know.


DEBUG flaw???

--N (20200114-aoscx:10.03.0020)
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Re: 8320 (10.04.0001) DEBUG >>> syslog & buffer << logged interface missing

I modified one of the ACLs and syslog messages began to show up on both interfaces, 1/1/1  and  1/1/46.


Weird work-around.

--N (20200114-aoscx:10.03.0020)
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