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8320 / 5400 OSPF cost command?


I’m looking for a command to adjust the default OSPF cost reference on my 8320 / 5400 Aruba switches.

What’s the simplest way to change this to account for a mixture of 1gig and 10gig links?


Re: 8320 / 5400 OSPF cost command?

On 5400R it is recommended to use the "ip ospf cost"command.

On 8320, the command is under rotuer ospf:

"reference-bandwidth", the default being  100000Mbps. (cost = ref_bw / interf_bw).

Please note that reference BW is something you may use when routed links are Routed-ports, not VLANs. For a VLAN, the associated OSPF link speed is defined as 1Gbps. If you use transit/interco VLANs, it is best to use ip ospf cost, to better control your routing cost.

If you only use Routed-ports, then keeping the default refence-bw is fine for 1G and 10G ports.

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Re: 8320 / 5400 OSPF cost command?

Thanks - looks like the default for 8320 is 100Gbps then? Plenty to cope with little 1 and 10 gig links :-)
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