Wired Intelligent Edge (Campus Switching and Routing)

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AOS-CX Quick Start Videos and Guides

Are you new to AOS-CX?
We have created a series of videos and guides to help start your AOS-CX journey!!


Begin your journey by watching these videos which were created to give you an introduction to the AOS-CX portfolio.


Quick Start Video Series - Product 
Part 1 - 8325 Intro
Part 2 - 8320 Intro
Part 3 - 8400 Intro
Part 4 - 6300 Intro
Part 5 - 6400 Intro

Part 6 - 832x details
Part 7 - 8400 Details

more to come...

Part 8 - 6300 Details
Part 9 - 6400 Details


Parts 1 to 5 are now live, the other parts are scheduled and will be added into the playlist soon.



Continue your journey into the AOS-CX experience by watching this upcoming series related to AOS-CX operations, onboarding and day to day management.


Quick Start Video Series - Operations
Part 1 - AOS-CX Intro/Operation Overview
Part 2 - 8320/8325 Operation specifics
More to come...

The PDF guides below were created for new users who have never worked on an AOS-CX switch before.


It will help you gain access to a new switch that you have unboxed and racked, provide you with recommended initial configurations and provide guidance on how to deploy in both Campus and Data Center environments.

Quick Start Guide - Campus Switching 

Quick Start Guide - Data Center Leaf and Spine Fabric 



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