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AP group change ports assigned to AP Group in S2500 switches

I've got a question about using the AP group on the s2500 switches.  I've got a large roll out of s2500 switches with AP225s.  Currently with the APs I have device-group AP enabled with a POE and switching profile.  It works great, APs get dropped onto the correct network on any port.   


Here is what I need to accomplish.  I've got to install a couple of our older retired AP93H APs to use as switches, radios disabled.  Currently when I power them on they are being dropped onto the wireless AP vlan as they normally should, however I need a way to keep those on vlan 1, and I need their eth ports to use vlan 1 as well.  I don't see a way to exclude any interfaces from the AP group.  Any thoughts on how I should proceed?


Switches are running

Here is the AP group config.

device-group ap                                   



   poe-profile "My-poe-profile"

   switching-profile "my-ap-mgmt-port-profile"


the switching profile looks like

interface-profile switching-profile"my-ap-mgmt-port-profile"

   switchport-mode trunk

   native-vlan 20


Thanks for any info.


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