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ARUBA MAS S2500 and Avaya IP phones Issue



I have few issues with my desk phones and I'm looking for suggestions..


By default every phone is trunk.. Voice Vlan 60 regular Network Vlan 1


When the phone start-up the computer gets an IP from Vlan 1 (172.19.XX.XX) then the phone gets the IP from vlan 60 (192.168.42.XX) 


The weird part is this... from the voice mail server if i try to ping a phone I notice few phones with very high latency.. even if i check the call quality i can see some of the phones showing 99.2% packet lost... but if I try to ping my computer connected to the phone it reply with <1 ms which is fine..






Some times I got between =39 and =69 ms also lots of time outs.. but if I ping the PC connected to this phone I got response with <1 ms




On the switch side I have a profile named Avaya-Voice (trunked) and is running all the default config.. my question is... do I have to modify something from this profile?




Also for testing purposes I setup another profile called "voicetest" and tested few phones disabling few things.. also if I switch the port to access just Vlan 60 without trunk I got the same issue.. high latency with few phones... 




I'm running OS


Any sugestions? 






Re: ARUBA MAS S2500 and Avaya IP phones Issue


How many VLANs are actually configured on the switch? If it is many, I have seen Avaya phones act a little strange because they are seeing all the tagged traffic coming at them. I would recommend limit the vlans in that profile using "trunk allowed vlan X,Y".


Alternatively, you can reconfigure the port as an access port and use a voip-profile which will then accept tagged packets for your voice vlan.


Regarding, there are no issues that I'm aware of that would match your description however I am aware of other issues so I would recommened upgrading to the latest maintenance release which is


Best regards,



Re: ARUBA MAS S2500 and Avaya IP phones Issue

Sure. Just curious to make sure that we don`t see any latency of the Avaya phone if it is plugged into the network switch on the same VLAN (plugged-in to MAS). If things are good, what would be the latency and average round-trip time.


Also, I would like to understant dot1p & DSCP values in the VOIP profile communicated to the phone using LLDP.
Please make sure phone is truested and traffic is priority all the way to server to get end-end QOS delivery.


Here is the sample config from User-guide.

You can create and apply a VoIP profile to an interface using the following set of commands:
(host)(config)# interface-profile voip-profile <profile-name>
clone <source>
voip-dot1p <priority>
voip-dscp <value>
voip-vlan <VLAN-ID>
(host)(config)# interface gigabitethernet <slot/module/port>
voip-profile <profile-name>


Kindly Refer to chapter 9 for more details about VOIP config on MAS.


If all above things are good, it would be great if we could mirror the port to which Avaya phone is connected to review the QOS & DSCP flag.

For port monitoring kindly follow the guidelines on chapter 42.

Please keep us posted with results and I have attacehd user-guide as well.



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Re: ARUBA MAS S2500 and Avaya IP phones Issue



After create the voip-profile and apply the profile to the port it works!!


Thanks guys!


Giovanni Saldarriaga

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