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About BPDU protection feature

Hi experts,


I have two doubts about this feature:


  1. I saw the BPDU protection feature is enabled on a per-port basis with the command "spanning-tree <port-list> bpdu-protection". Cisco has the command "spanning-tree portfast bpduguard" which allows to enable the feature in all the portfast ports at the same time. Is there any command to enable this feature in all auto-edge ports at the same time in Aruba?
  2. When this feature is enabled, is the port disabled always it receives a BPDU or only when it receives a better BPDU?



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Re: About BPDU protection feature



Addressing your questions in order:


  1. ArubaOS-Switch allows configuration of BPDU protection on a per-port basis only; we do not have an equivalent to the command you provided. I will provide feedback to engineering.
  2. BPDU protection will shut down a port if any BPDU is received.  To cause a port to shut down only when a superior BPDU is received, you would instead use the root guard feature, which is configured in a nearly identical manner to BPDU protection:
switch(config)# spanning-tree <port-list> root-guard 

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Re: About BPDU protection feature

Hi Matthew,


Many thanks, very clear :)




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Re: About BPDU protection feature



On Cisco switches it's possible to automatically recover using the errdisable command. Do Aruba have something similar?


Best regards,

Trond Hundstuen

Re: About BPDU protection feature

Hi Trond,


This is from the User Guide:


Re-enabling a port blocked by BPDU protection

Ports disabled by BPDU Protection remain disabled unless BPDU

Protection is removed from the switch or by configuring a nonzero BPDU protection timeout. For example, if you want to re-enable protected ports 60 seconds after receiving a BPDU, you would use this command:
switch(config)#: spanning-tree bpdu-protection-timeout 60




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