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Access OSPF 2930F

I noticed in the datasheet that Access OSPF is a feature but can't see any more info on it. Cisco seem to define this feature as the switch can belong to a single instance and support 200 learned routes. I wondered what HPE Aruba supported?


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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

Hi Graeme,


Here is our definition of OSPF Routed Access from the WC switch SW Release Notes.  (WC.16.02.0012 notes attached, see page 10) 


OSPF Routed Access Support is new and different from the OSPF support historically seen on the K, KA, and KB platforms.  


OSPF Routed Access Support

From 16.02.0008 onwards, OSPF Routed Access support is enabled on WB and WC platforms with the following limitations:

• Only one area is allowed for both OSPFv2 and OSPFv3

• Same area ID should be used for OSPFv2 and OSPFv3

• Maximum of 8 OSPF interfaces supported for each OSPFv2 and OSPFv3

• ABR configuration and Virtual-links are not supported

• Max supported routes: 200 for each OSPFv2 and OSPFv3

• OSPFv3 tunnels and BFD are not supported.





Scott Koster | Product Line Manager, Campus Switching Software
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

Cheers Scott
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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

Digging out this old thread after throwing a 2930F into my ospf net with >600 Routes. 


The switch did not give me any indication of the limitation of 200 OSPF routes. It shows 

r-2930f-1# show ipv6 route summary 

IPv6 Route Table Summary

Protocol Active Routes
-------------- -------------
Connected 1023
OSPF3_Internal 22
OSPF3_ASE 1182

Also, looking at the advertised prefixes on another router, I did not see that limitation:

stephan@r-nan-1> show route protocol ospf3 | match {link_local_addr} | count    
Count: 511 lines

The count shows all 511 advertised prefixes on 511 vlans with an ipv6 address. (the 512th is for the ospf interface).


Did that limitation get lifted, or is it doing a software-fallback (without letitng me know)? This would be good to know, since I am evaluating these switches, and not having this limitation makes it much more attractive compared to competitor's devices. 


Switch software: WC.16.05.0007

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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

Hello Bawe,


Did you solve this issue? I'm facing the same with IPv4. Everything seems to be working even with 500+ routes learned via ospf.





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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

I did not get any official response. I do, however, have one running for a few months now with > 500 routes in both IPv6 and legacy IPv4 running without any noticable performance issues. Setup is quite small though, only 2 routers in the area. 

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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

Does anyone know if the 8 interfaces limit is referring to every VLAN OSPF is enabled on or are these just interfaces that are participating in OSPF neighbor adjacencies? I ask because I have more than 8 VLANs with OSPF enabled (passive interfaces) on my 2930Fs. They all seem to advertise out to the other 2930Fs in the same area just fine. 

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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

It refers to 8 interfaces participating in ospf adjacencies. I have not yet tested that limit yet, though. 

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Re: Access OSPF 2930F

I appreciate the response!

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