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Access OSPF maximum OSPF neighbors?


I know that "Access OSPF" has some limitations such as single area, 8 interfaces, 200 routes, however I am trying to find if there's a limitation on the number of OSPF neighbors.


For example, if someone has a single area with 30-40 OSPF neighbors in the same area, all on a shared segment so it would be one physical interface, would Access OSPF feature set work, or is there some limitation on the maximum number of OSPF neighbors with the Access OSPF feature set?

Re: Access OSPF maximum OSPF neighbors?

To be honest I'm not certain if there is hard limit on amount of neighbors. Most of the time this is limited to network set-up and CPU/memory specifications of switch due to the calaculations. I've seen 2930F switches with 8 neighbors and decent amount of routes running fine. Are you planning these 'Access OSPF' switches to be used in large OSPF network?

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