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Adding two tagged ports into a trunk

Is there a way to take two regular tagged uplink ports (47,48 for example), which tag all vlans, into a trunk?


Is the best way to clear interface 48 for example, create a trunk for that port, tag all vlans on the trunk? And then clear config of interface 47 and then add it in the trunk?


Is there any thing i have to worry about?


I see this caution:

CAUTION:    To avoid broadcast storms or loops  in your network while configuring a trunk, first disable or disconnect all ports you want to add to or remove from the trunk. After you finish configuring the trunk, enable or re-connect the ports.

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Re: Adding two tagged ports into a trunk

You may need a bit more specific. Which OS are you asking this for ArubaOS, ArubaOS-CX or Comware? When you talk about trunk I believe you mean link-aggregation. Is that correct?

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Re: Adding two tagged ports into a trunk



The caution you pointed out is intended to point out that, if the trunk has not been properly configured on both ends of the connection on all applicable links, a loop may result if all of the trunk ports are enabled.


My recommendation to create a trunk on an Aruba switch on existing ports, per the scenario you described, would be the following:


  1. Disable the ports you wish to use for your trunk;
  2. Create the trunk, including the ports you disabled in step 1;
  3. From the interface context for the new trunk, tag/untag the desired VLANs;
  4. Ensure that the trunk is properly configured on the device(s) on the other ends of the links;
  5. Enable the trunk ports.

Here are example commands on the Aruba switch, based on the information you provided:



ArubaSwitch(config)# interface 47,48 disable
ArubaSwitch(config)# trunk 47,48 trk1 lacp 
ArubaSwitch(config)# interface trk1 tagged vlan <list of VLANs>
ArubaSwitch(config)# interface 47,48 enable

Note that the port configurations are automatically cleared when they are added to the trunk, so there is no need to do so manually.


Let me know if this is what you were looking for.

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