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Advice on adding switches to a MAS stack

I've added switches to an existing stack of S2500s and had both good and very bad experiences with it. I wonder if anyone would share what's considered best practices for doing this.

The issue is that we're taking switches that previously were used in a different switch stack and may have been the primary switch in that stack and wanting that switch to be line card in its new stack. I don't want it to join the stack and try to take over as primary because it's been factory defaulted and has no configuration. I've had the experience of a switch doing just that in a live production environment - it wasn't fun..... 

What I've done to prevent the bad experiences I've had in the past is to:

 - upgrade the firmware on the switch to the same version as the switches in the stack it will be going to;

 - run the 'restore factory-default stacking' command on the switch to try to remove the stacking database that it had;

 - set the election priority on the switch to a number below the default (I arbitrarily chose 50).

My concern is that, despite doing these steps, the switch still shows its role as primary - probably because it's a standalone at this point - but it also doesn't allow me to set it to a different role, probably for the same reason.

Is there a sure way of doing this that will result in the desired outcome? I have read the documentation, but it doesn't seem to address this directly.

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Re: Advice on adding switches to a MAS stack

With MAS being end-of-sale for some time, I'm not sure how many people are extending stacks.


Please check the documentation on ArubaStack, especially the part on ArubaStack pre-provisioning which allows you to prepare the stack and make sure the newly added node will become a line-card.


Then also check this post, which seems to mention exactly what you experience.


Also, you may check with Aruba Support if these switches are still covered under active support.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Advice on adding switches to a MAS stack

This is the procedure I have used in the past:


* remove the switch from the previous stack

* factory reset it and upgrade it to the software running in the new stack

* change the stack-profile in the new stack and enter the serial number and role of the new switch

* connect the switch to the new stack



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