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Airwave - How to add a stack of 2920 switches

Hi all,

Have some spare Airwave licences so was trying out Airwave management/monitoring of 2920s running the latest Aruba-branded firmware.  Works well!

Now, in production we have stacks, not individual switches and this is where by problems start.  With the individual switches I was manually adding them in Airwave and it was detecting the correct template for the switch.  With the stacks I just can't get it to detect anything and I don't know how to manually map atemplate to a device.

I just get a device added that is always down and config is never collected.

Any tips or suggestions please?

Thanks a lot.



PS: Airwave - HPE_ArubaOS on switches WB.16.04.0008

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Re: Airwave - How to add a stack of 2920 switches

Hi Toby,


This should be simular as adding a normal switch. Aruba has optimed switch management in the latest AirWave firmwares. I will advise to upgrade AirWave to the latest firmware (


Are you sure SNMP configured correctly (and allowed in the firewall(s)? Normally a device should up if ping is allowed and also if the device type is unknown. I think the traffic is not allowed from AirWave to the switches.



Willem Bargeman
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Re: Airwave - How to add a stack of 2920 switches

Thanks Willem.

Having looked into it deeper it does appear to be an issue with traffic between AirWave and the switch stack - rather than a problem with AirWave or my process.

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