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Aruba 2530-48G-PoE+ - PoE issues?

Hi all,


I'm experience a strange behavior with Aruba 2530-48G PoE+ (J9772A), after a power outage some APs didn't get power from PoE.

I have checked the PoE Port status and it was in "Searching".


A couple of hours later the PoE Port status was "Delivering" and the AP is back online without any intervention.


All the cabling was checked a retested and we didn't find any issue. Did some one experienced any situation similar like this?




Re: Aruba 2530-48G-PoE+ - PoE issues?

What type of devices are connected to the 2530-48G-PoE+ Switch ?


The following are the different "Detection Status":
Searching: The port is trying to detect a PD connection.
Delivering: The port is delivering power to a PD.
Disabled: On the indicated port, either PoE support is disabled or PoE power is enabled but the PoE module does not have enough power available to supply the port's power needs.
Fault: The switch detects a problem with the connected PD.
Other Fault: The switch has detected an internal fault that prevents it from supplying power on that port.


Try to check the logs.
show logging -r -w


Better to log a TAC Case if you are able to reproduce the issue (or) find anything useful in the logs.


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Re: Aruba 2530-48G-PoE+ - PoE issues?

Hi Kapildev


Regarding your question we have Ruckus AP H510 connected to the switch. On top of the Ruckus AP we have a IPTV STB


I have checked the logs but didn't find anything suspicius or strange.


Let's see if we are able to reproduce this issue.


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