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Aruba 2530 - All ACT LED constantly lit

Hi guys, can anyone help me explain this issue?!


When I connect a small unmanaged switch to my Aruba 2530-48G, the mode LED's on all ports switch from blinking to being constantly lit. The mode ports are set to default Activity (Act).


I cannot find any documentation as to what this means nor error messages in the switch. A readout of the port is enclosed below and I can see Collisions etc.


Any suggestions to what this means?

BR Bertrand 

 All Act LED constantly lit



Re: Aruba 2530 - All ACT LED constantly lit

From your messages it's not clear if you connect it with one or multiple cables? I've almost a feeling you connect multiple cables from unmanaged switch to 2530. If so this means you're creating a loop. This will probably explain why probably all led blinks.

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