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Aruba 2530 vlan interface administratively up ?

Hi all,


We want to configure vlan interfaces in vlan 50 on all switches for managemant access. We dont want to use a management vlan for this, vlan 50 should be routed.

Now the problem is, that the interface vlan 50 is down, as long as there no port untagged vlan 50 goes up with an host connected. 


Is there a way to enable vlan interface 50 administratively, or is it possible to connect a loopback interface to vlan 50?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Aruba 2530 vlan interface administratively up ?

Would tagging VLAN 50 on a uplink (a trunk, if the uplink is really made of aggregated links) interface if any, do the trick?

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Re: Aruba 2530 vlan interface administratively up ?

Hi Rladi,


You cannot have Vlan administratively Up or by a loopback interface.


The VLAN interfaces have to fulfill the following general conditions to be up/up:
* VLAN exists and is in active status on the switch VLAN database.
* VLAN interface port exists and is not administratively down.
* At least one L2 (access port or trunk) port exists and has a link up on this VLAN.


In your scenrio, since you dont want to untagged a host port to vlan 50.

The best option is to just "tagged" the Vlan 50 on any of the uplink ports.

Anyways if you have to manage switches using Vlan 50, the traffic needs to be passed on the uplinks.

You have to tagg the uplinks to Vlan 50.

You can check the status of the vlans using the commands "show vlans custom state:5" and "show vlans" to check the all the vlans that exist.


I hope this is answers your question.


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Re: Aruba 2530 vlan interface administratively up ?

You both were right, as long as the uplink is tagged correctly (which was my mistake) , the vlan interface goes up. Thank you very much!



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