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Aruba 2540 Fan Speed Issue



I have just inboxed 6 brand new Aruba 2540 switches to configure for one of our customers however I am having an issue with one of the switches in which the fans are constantly at max speed (Same speed as when they are booting), I was on the phone to HP for an hour earlier as the 'heartbeat' LED was flashing at the same time the fans were at full speed. We managed to fix the flashing LED by changing the firmware however the fan issue is still there.. 


Does anyone have an ideas why and how I can fix it without RMA'ing the switch?


Thank you!

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Re: Aruba 2540 Fan Speed Issue



Seems an hardware issue to me. The temperature sensor or the fan controller might be defective. Don't think you can fix this in software.

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Re: Aruba 2540 Fan Speed Issue

Can you report the output of the show system fan command?


It should show you something similar to:


aruba2540-jl355a# show system fans

Fan Information
  Num  | State       | Failures | Location 
Fan-1  | Fan OK      |   0      | Chassis 

0 / 1 Fans in Failure State
0 / 1 Fans have been in Failure State




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Re: Aruba 2540 Fan Speed Issue

UPDATE: The switch was sent back to HP and a replacement was sent out. Thanks for the helpful comments!

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