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Aruba 2540 and VSF

AFAIK 2540 do not support stacking (another thread suggests to move to 2930F), but can you confirm che VSF is on the development roadmap for 2540? If so, do you have a feasible time window?

Moreover some 2930F support only SFP (and not SFP+), does it means that for stacking a 1Gb uplink will be used?

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Re: Aruba 2540 and VSF

Roadmap questions are unlikely to be answered in a public forum like this. You might ask if VSF will be supported on the 2540 to your Aruba Sales team or SE if you need an answer.


If you want to build a VSF, you likely want to get switches with 10Gbps to prevent bottle-necks on the uplink. Though I never tried it, according to the documentation (Switch Management and Configuration Guide) it appears that VSF stacking is supported on 1 or 10 Gbps ports.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba 2540 and VSF


we have already tried to ask to sales with no answer, I have seen a previous post in this forum where an answer related to development roadmap of 2930F (implementing VSF on 16.04) has been given and therefore I tried to ask also for 2540 hoping someone can give us an answer.

I have seen 1G and 10G options for uplink but I agree that without SFP+ it is impossible to use some of the most common stacking functions such as port aggregation.


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Re: Aruba 2540 and VSF

Hi Fabrizio, 


With regards to VSF support on the 2540 Switch Series, there are no current plans at this time to support VSF.


As to your query on the 2930F VSF, yes, on the models with only SFP ports, support VSF stacking on the SFP ports.  You can also use the copper ports for VSF links as well.  There are also multiple 2930F models with SFP+ ports which VSF can be used on those ports.






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