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Aruba 2920 Switch – How Is The MAC Address Lockout Feature Configured?


How is the MAC address lockout feature configured?


In the following example the MAC address 005056-955b6f is configured for lockout.


Rack2sw1# show config | include lockout

lockout-mac 005056-955b6f

Rack2sw1# show lockout-mac
Locked Out Addresses
Number of locked out MAC addresses = 1

Rack2sw1# show logging -r

 Keys:   W=Warning   I=Information
         M=Major     D=Debug E=Error
----  Reverse event Log listing: Events Since Boot  ----
W 01/02/90 03:45:27 00595 maclock: 1\: Ceasing lock-out logs for 5m
W 01/02/90 03:45:27 00594 maclock: 1\: 005056-955b6f detected on port 24

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