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Aruba 2920 port Blocked by STP - Errors

I'm seeing these errors all day at a few of my remote location switches.

**From log on switch**

00076 ports: port 14 is now on-line
00435 ports: port 14 is Blocked by STP
00077 ports: port 14 is now off-line


**From IMC**

iMC alarm system found event (The interface 14 is UP.) and event (The interface 14 is DOWN.) had 3 intermittent failures


All the ports doing so have a Cisco aironet 3600 series AP connected to them. Has anyone see then before and know what is going on? I was guessing maybe an LLDP or power negotation failure. Power draw is around 80w of the 370w available.


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Aruba 2920 port Blocked by STP - Errors



By default when port is UP (and there is not admin-edge port), it is blocked by STP for 3 sec (with RSTP)


I think, you need to look access point log..

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Re: Aruba 2920 port Blocked by STP - Errors

Thanks, I have opened a case with Cisco TAC.

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Re: Aruba 2920 port Blocked by STP - Errors



As noted by alagoutte, the STP port blocking is a default behavior when a port first comes up, and normally clears automatically. If you're seeing this occurring continually, the port is bouncing, and that could be either a power delivery issue or a problem with the connected AP itself causing it to continually reboot. 


Are you seeing anything in the switch event logs indicating a PoE delivery error on the switch port itself?

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