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Aruba 2930F VSF - change fault switch

Hello Airheads,


I´m trying to understand if I can change a fault switch on a VSF stack without reboot the whole stack.


For instance:






The third switch has broken and I need to change it. Can i do that without rebooting the stack (all switches)?



Re: Aruba 2930F VSF - change fault switch

The added switch will reboot but not complete stack if I'm correct. If you want to keep the configuration you can clear the MAC first of the member and than replace. This will make sure new switch will get config of old. See latest management and configuration chapter 32 for different use models, procedures and commands. 




Regards, Dobias

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Re: Aruba 2930F VSF - change fault switch

Thanks Dobias!


Have anyone had the oppotunity to change a switch on a running stack?

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