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Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli

Hi Folks 


Few days ago i bought Aruba 2930F and I have a problem I'm not able to ping host in internet exp cnn.com from switch CLI


PC connected to vlan 2 untagged port can ping internet host without any problem 

Switch is rechable prom subnet



See config below: 


trunk 48 trk1 trunk
timesync ntp
ntp server
ntp enable
time timezone 60
ip default-gateway
ip dns server-address priority 1

interface 48
name "TRUNK_IN"
snmp-server community "public" unrestricted
vlan 1
no untagged 38-47
untagged 1-37,49-52
tagged Trk1
no ip address


vlan 2
name "Main vlan"
untagged 38-46
tagged Trk1
ip address
primary-vlan 2
spanning-tree Trk1 priority 4

Re: Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli



Does your PC gets an IP address from DHCP server? If so can you verify what the IP information (IP address, subnet, default gateway) the PC receives?



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Re: Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli



My pc obtain IP via dhcp from server

and working fine with the following setting 






Re: Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli

Thank you very much. My feeling is that you also have ip routing enables but I can't see the config. This is not a problem but can you remove the ip default-gateway configuration line and add the following:

ip route <default gateway IP>
ip routing (but think you have this already enabled)


Now you can test again but think this will work. 


Regards, dobias

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Re: Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli

I already tried config with ip routing with the same results 



What is strange I can see that when i try to ping from pc i see on router nornmal response package 


but when I do the same from switch I see no answer 

3.JPGany sugesstion  ???


I already tried difrent serwer subnets gatway and every time the same 





Re: Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli

if your switch can ping aother l3 devices on same segments , but cant ping to behind to your GW - it must be routing issue .
From your switch to your GW , are u able to ping via CLI?

Please share with us full switch config , and also output of traceroute to diffrent internet ips
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Re: Aruba 2930F - can't ping from cli

Hi again 


I agree that seems to be routing releated 


I'm able to ping my switch from Aruba( - to GW( and from GW to Aruba.

Traceroute ands with timeout tracert.JPG

any other device connected to the same network are able to ping host in internet without any problems.


I noticed that ICMP packet from Aruba lenght is 60 from other host 74





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