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Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

Hello all,


Completely new to aruba switches here, trying to make some sense!

We have recently purchased a number of 2930M switches .


Their desired function is to provide connectivity to a number of servers to the rest of our network.


servers >> aruba 2930M >> gateway router


For redundancy , we are using 2 uplink ports leading to different gateway routers (ports 22 & 23)


Each router must operate two VLANs  (100, 200) in order to support two different services.


Currently, the router has default vlan 1 in all ports.


we have about 10 servers for each switch, half require connectivity on vlan 100 (ports 1-5) , the other on vlan 200 (ports 6-10)


The desired situation is that each server port is configured with the desired vlan , but the uplink ports (22 &23) must have both vlans.


As i understand, i have to define both VLANs

switch# configure
switch(config)# vlan 100
switch(vlan-100)# tag 1-5 , 22-23

switch# configure
switch(config)# vlan 200
switch(vlan-200)# tag 6-10 , 22-23

this way, uplink ports (22,33) are tagged in both vlans, but each server port is tagged with only the vlan of the service that is required.


Each server is configured with the relevant IP/mask/gateway .


Am i missing something in my idea of how the configuration should be?


Any remarks are welcomed!

Re: Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

Congratulations and welcome to the Aruba familly. In the above configuration you also tag vlans to the servers. Are you sure this is needed? If not you probably need to untag the server ports in the needed VLAN. Uplink ports are tag correctly. The switch will not do any routing is this correct? Regards Dobias

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Re: Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

if you tag your uplink ports with vlan100 and 200 you need to have vlans/subinterfaces on the routers too.


if your router has only vlan1 configured it will not work with switch uplinks configured for tagged 100+200

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Re: Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

Hello & thank you for the warm welcome!


Correct, the aruba switch will not have to do any routing.

each server is configured with the relevant default gateway for each vlan , and the gateway router is also configured with both vlans (100  & 200) .


I am not sure of anything where the aruba configuration is needed!

If i understood your comment correctly,  i should "untag" all my server ports (as say input ports) and "tag" only the uplink port. (which i assume places the VLAN tag so the gateway router knows this info)



1)for device ports i should untag the relvant vlans (100, 200)

2)for the uplink ports i should tag relevant vlans (100,200)

3)for the uplink ports i should also untag default VLAN 1 ?


Many thanks again for the response!



Re: Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

You're quick learner 8-). This is correct. If you need VLAN 1 also on the uplinks than you can leave it as untag or tagged it. If you don't need VLAN 1 I would remove it from the ports. 

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Re: Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

I was finally able to test the config in production - everything works great!


Many thanks again for all the help !

Re: Aruba 2930M 24G --> VLAN tagging

Thank you for this feedback. Great to hear that everything works!!

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