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Aruba 2930M SNMP Traps (Stack and PSU)

Our Aruba 2930M are not generating an SNMP trap when a Commander of the stack fails. And even the other SNMP trap for (Standby and Members) are differents OIDs. Is very hard to know or get track of which member is down, and when the switch come back (because it can come back as a different stacking type (Commander, Standby or Member).


We also are not getting a very good trap when one of the PSU fail.

All that I get to receive is a trap as a "EVENT" message, says a sentence about the PSU fault or PSU is OK. I'm wondering if this is the only trap that we can configure to receive. 

I would like a better more detailed trap, without the "event message" logging style.


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Re: Aruba 2930M SNMP Traps (Stack and PSU)

Any help?

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Re: Aruba 2930M SNMP Traps (Stack and PSU)

No help at all?

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Re: Aruba 2930M SNMP Traps (Stack and PSU)



The lack of an SNMP trap for a stack failover or member down event has been identified and is currently being evaluated by engineering.  What you may try in the meantime is configuring trap receiver settings on the stack to generate event log traps for events of "not-info" severity, and see if that helps.


With regard to the power supply failure traps — these traps are actually generated from RMON events, and have no specifically-defined trap OID, and therefore use a generic trap type with the system OID and the event log string as an appended variable.  


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Re: Aruba 2930M SNMP Traps (Stack and PSU)

Thanks for the response.

You know any Estimated time when do they are going to release a fix for this? 


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