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Aruba 3810 Switch – How to Send Debugging Output To A Buffer


How can debugging output be redirected to a buffer?


In the following example the switch is configured to send debugging output to the buffer.


Core-Switch# debug destination buffer
Core-Switch# debug ip packet


Core-Switch# show debug

 Debug Logging

  Source IP Selection: Outgoing Interface
  Origin identifier: Outgoing Interface IP
   Memory buffer

  Time-stamp: System-Uptime

  Enabled debug types:
   ip packet

Core-Switch# ping repetitions 5 is alive, iteration 1, time = 3 ms is alive, iteration 2, time = 2 ms is alive, iteration 3, time = 46 ms is alive, iteration 4, time = 2 ms is alive, iteration 5, time = 3 ms
5 packets transmitted, 5 packets received, 0% packet loss
round-trip (ms) min/avg/max = 2/11/46

Core-Switch# show debug buffer | include
0008:03:16:54.84 IP  InetServer:s= d= g= xmit
0008:03:16:54.85 IP  mIpPktRecv:s= d= recv
0008:03:16:56.14 IP  InetServer:s= d= g= xmit
0008:03:16:56.15 IP  mIpPktRecv:s= d= recv
0008:03:16:57.44 IP  InetServer:s= d= g= xmit
0008:03:16:57.49 IP  mIpPktRecv:s= d= recv
0008:03:16:58.74 IP  InetServer:s= d= g= xmit
0008:03:16:58.74 IP  mIpPktRecv:s= d= recv
0008:03:17:00.04 IP  InetServer:s= d= g= xmit
0008:03:17:00.04 IP  mIpPktRecv:s= d= recv

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