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Aruba 3810 configuration problem ?



We have been looking up Aruba 3810 (16.03.0003) open flow features and we haven't found out a configuration solution for this test case.

This is the setup of the network operating center who wants to have 1..n customer sites in near future.

1) Customer has 1 public IP address block, for their site
2) Aruba 3810 is on customer premises, installed so that the servers connecting to the switch have also public ip's from same address block i.e vlan 345 (gateway
3) HP VAN SDN controller is in network operating center on site B having a public ip from another public IP address block
4) On the Aruba 3810, the controller vlan 603 has public ip address from address block , so that the HP VAN SDN controller can be connect to it
5) Only one physical cable is allowed to be used between edge device and Aruba 3810 switch


So the question is: how to configure Aruba 3810 so that the setup works?


Is the only solution to use subnets of address block?


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Re: Aruba 3810 configuration problem ?



The SDN Controller has to be on a different subnet as the member vlans. There are valid reasons to separate the controller traffic from the data. It is common practice to have a separate control plane and dataplane. This ensures that data plane performance does not interfere with control traffic. In addition, also consider the security risks. Users of that VLAN can access the controller as well because control plane and dataplane are on the same VLAN.

This means that you have to create a VLAN for data traffic and a VLAN for control traffic. From the drawing I can see that you have a class C network, so what you can do is split up the class C. You can use a /30 on the controller VLAN and a /25 on the data VLAN. This means that you will lose 50% of your addressing space. You can potentially solve this by adding IP addresses with /26  /27 /28 /29 /30. You will still lose some IP addresses though for network/broadcast and IP address assignment to the switches of these subnets (lose 28 IP addresses). You also have to consider the additional routing for the added subnets.

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Re: Aruba 3810 configuration problem ?



Yes, we know that there is a need to separtate the controller traffic from the data.


Based on the documentation we also end up into same conclusion that there needs to be two separated networks as you have also drawn. The amount of product documentation is so high that it's quite easy to miss some configuration options.





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