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Aruba 5406r zl2 act as ntp server and client



Is it supported, that Aruba Switch 5406 with firmware KB.16.05.0007 act as NTP client and server?


My design:

Aruba 5406 is Core switch with 10 VLAN's (one of them is Management vlan). On this switch I synchronize with outside (public) ntp server with Management vlan as source. (Works and get correct time).

Then I have 15 access switches with the same management vlan. I would like to implement so that this switches synchronized with my Core switch (aruba 5406). But when I configure it (the "show ntp status"  show as Not Synced). The time is not correct.

Please help.

Thank you.

Re: Aruba 5406r zl2 act as ntp server and client

Hi, these switches support NTP client and all the needed features. These switches can't be enabled as NTP server. Hope this will answer you're question. 

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Re: Aruba 5406r zl2 act as ntp server and client

Hi Blaz,


The switch acts as a NTP Client.


There are two solutions for the given Design.

1. You can Sync all your switches to the Public NTP server.

2. You can setup a Local NTP server and Sync all the switches with the internal NTP server.


Hope it helps

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