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Aruba 8320 3rd Part Optics


Has anyone got these to work? I understand there are issues with the fs.com ones but there are others that claim to work like these:






I'm looking at buying two of these switches so would be interested to hear :)


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Re: Aruba 8320 3rd Part Optics

IMHO using (claimed 100% by the vendor) compatible optics...so non genuine HPE Aruba...on machine of that class...is somewhat that can be considered dangerous.


If the FS J9150D-C is claimed to be 100% compatible by its vendor/producer...any possible issue that can be bring back to that part and that impact to your Aruba 8320 could easily invalidate its warranty or make it difficult to support you by Aruba Support TAC compared to what will happen if you used 100% original genuine supported parts.


We have a VSX (two Aruba 8320) and sixty genuine J9150D...it was not cheap...but we are on the safest possible side...for just two cheaper items (how much cheap then?)...if I were you I would not risk anything when working with Aruba 8320. 



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Re: Aruba 8320 3rd Part Optics

It is simply impudent by Aruba/HPE not to officially allow any third party optics and to sell one's own so overpriced. I am using a lot of fs.com SFP+ transceivers and they are working fine.




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