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Aruba 8325

It looks like that some official Aruba 8325 info (product web page, Datasheet and QuickSpecs) were finally published!

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Re: Aruba 8325

Are they planning to replace the 8320 for this one or keep both?
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Re: Aruba 8325

Giving that different interfaces types are provided by both platforms I suspect the Aruba 8325 Switch series should be seen as an addition and it is not going to specifically replace the Aruba 8320 Switch series. Interestingly no VSX support is cited along with Aruba 8325 (at least looking at its QuickSpecs).

Re: Aruba 8325



yes, this is in addition, not as replacement.

Also, thanks for the feedback, quick specs do not make reference to VSX, but it should. DataSheet does appropriately. 

VSX is fully supported on 8325 as well.

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Re: Aruba 8325

If I look into the datasheet I can't find any 25G transeiver supported for the 8325-48Y8C? Does it support only SFP/SFP+ at the moment?

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Re: Aruba 8325

The Aruba 8325's QuickSpecs reports those SFP28 Transceivers as supported on Aruba 8325-48Y8C 48p 25G SFP/+/28 8p 100G QSFP+/28 (Max 48):


  • JL484A Aruba 25G SFP28 LC SR 100m MMF Transceiver
  • JL485A Aruba 25G SFP28 LC eSR 400m MMF Transceiver
  • JL486A Aruba 25G SFP28 LC LR 10km SMF Transceiver
  • JL487A Aruba 25G SFP28 to SFP28 0.65m Direct Attach Cable
  • JL488A Aruba 25G SFP28 to SFP28 3m Direct Attach Copper Cable 
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