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Aruba Controller & Switches

i will use 8 Aruba Switches  each 48 bport  ( S2500 ) with Aruba 3200 Controller 

is there any limitations ?  all the user traffic will go to the controller if i undetsrtand Correctly , will Controler beable to handel  ( performance Wise )?

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Re: Aruba Controller & Switches

Are you trying to use tunneled-node? With the role-based access controls and user roles on the switch combined with ClearPass, you can have tight policy control without using tunneled-node back to a controller.



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Re: Aruba Controller & Switches


With tunneled-node, I would first start with the following scaling document:




Now, the fields you should review are as follows.


Maximum concurrent users/devices

  • Tunneled-Node ports and users are not 1:1. A Tunneled-Node port can have many users but use only one tunnel. Therefore you must review this value otherwise it is highly possible to exceed the number of users before exceeding the tunneled ports.

Mobility Access Switch Tunneled Node port

  • Each Tunneled-Node port uses one tunnel back to a Mobility Controller. Since a single ArubaStack can have up to 384 ports, be mindful of a Mobility Controller's tunnel capacity to avoid exceeding it.

Firewall throughput

  • Given the performance of a Mobility Access Switch or an ArubaStack of Mobility Access Switches, you must pay careful attention to the amount of throughput you are potentially sending to a Mobility Controller.

Maximum campus AP licenses

  • A standalone Mobility Access Switch or an ArubaStack consume 1 set of licenses (AP, PEFNG, RFP) so pay attention not to exceed this value.

Now as Tim C. mentioned, you can also use the native role-based access of the switch if you are concerned about the performance impact on your 3200 Mobility Controller.


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Re: Aruba Controller & Switches

i don't Have clear Pass

is it a must that all Traffic will go to Controller if i want to apply Something like Mac restrictions from Controller ?

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