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Aruba S1500 Mobility access switch - MAC address filtering

Hello folks,


We have a couple of Aruba S1500 48 port Mobility access switches providing network access at our employee offices.  I am being tasked with "locking down" physical access to our network ports available in our cube offices so that when a device is plugged in, it will not communicate unless its MAC address is recognized.


I see there is a default MAC address authentication type under Authentication\Profiles tab, but I not sure how to enable it and where to add trusted MACs.  Having trouble locating configuration guide...


Anyone have a suggestion or link to configuration guide?

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Re: Aruba S1500 Mobility access switch - MAC address filtering

Darn, no reply so far.


Anyone at least know where I may obtain an administrator guide for this switch?

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Re: Aruba S1500 Mobility access switch - MAC address filtering



Not sure if you have found the answers yet but Admin Guides can be found below:




The guide details Port Security, Mac Auth and so on. You will need to specify a authentication source for the MAC's, whether this be an internal db, CPPM and so on. From here you can then apply a AAA profile to the port to auth the device when connected.

If my post addresses your query, give kudos:)
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