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Aruba Switch 2930F SNMP Traps Link Status

I try to integrate Aruba switch with Clearpass on onconnect features

that's require 

snmp-server enable traps link-change to send status to the clearpass, I can able to insert command "

snmp-server enable traps link-change all ether 14-17

" but it not appear on show runnning that's why clearpass don't get information from the switch


I Would like to know it should be apear on running-config or doesn't ?


Thank you


This's my version firmware



Aruba-Switch# show ver

Image stamp:   
                Jul 21 2017 14:09:42
Boot Image:     Primary

Boot ROM Version:    WC.16.01.0003
Active Boot ROM:     Primary


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Re: Aruba Switch 2930F SNMP Traps Link Status

I would say yes, if you don't see traps and don't see the commands in the show running, the command is not properly accepted. Did you follow the ClearPass wired policy enforcement solution guide? There is a section on OnConnect there.


Unless you are testing OnConnect to understand it better, for the 2930F switches you are likely better off to implement 802.1X+MAC authentication as described in the same document. I see OnConnect as a fallback scenario only, if you can't configure 802.1X+MAC (or just MACAuth) for some reason. One misconception that I hear sometimes is that OnConnect is better for IoT, which is not true in most cases. MAC Auth is faster and less disruptive for clients as it is pro-active versus re-active for OnConnect.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba Switch 2930F SNMP Traps Link Status

I got a solution by type comma 12,13,14,15,16 instead 12-16
Anyways this's POC to show end customers all of clearpass features
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