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Aruba Switch - How Does Spanning-Tree BPDU-Protection Operate?


How does Spanning-Tree BPDU-Protection operate?


The spanning-tree bpdu-protection configuration disables the specific port or ports if the port(s) receives STP BPDUs.

In the following example, switch Rack2sw1 is configured for spanning-tree protocol and switch Rack2sw2 is configured with spanning-tree protocol disabled. Interface 24 on switch Rack2sw1 is configured for bpdu-protection.

Testing is accomplished by configuring spanning-tree on switch Rack2sw2. Interface 24 on switch Rack2sw1 changes state to inconsistent and a disable port spanning-tree message is logged.


********** Switch Rack2sw1 Configuration **********

Rack2sw1# show config | begin spanning-tree

spanning-tree priority 0

Rack2sw1# show config interface 24

interface 24
   untagged vlan 12
   spanning-tree bpdu-protection

********** Switch Spanning-Tree Verification **********

Rack2sw1# show spanning-tree | include CST

  CST Root MAC Address : 941882-a36540
  CST Root Priority    : 0
  CST Root Path Cost   : 0
  CST Root Port        : This switch is root

********** Enable Spanning-Tree on Switch 2 **********

Rack2sw2(config)# spanning-tree 

********** Testing Verification **********

Rack2sw1# show spanning-tree inconsistent-ports

 Instance ID Blocked Port Reason
 ----------- ------------ -------------------------
 CST         24           Bpdu Error
 CST         A1
 CST         A2
 CST         B1
 CST         B2

Rack2sw1# show logging -r

 Keys:   W=Warning   I=Information
         M=Major     D=Debug E=Error

----  Reverse event Log listing: Events Since Boot  ----
I 01/01/90 01:25:53 00898 ports: BPDU protect(5) has disabled port 24

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