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Aruba Switch - How Does Spanning-Tree PVST-Protection Operate?


How does Spanning-Tree PVST-Protection operate?


The spanning-tree pvst-protection configuration disables the specific port or ports if the port(s) receives PVST BPDUs. Not applicable in RPVST mode.

In the following example, switches Rack2sw1 and Rack2sw2 are configured for spanning-tree protocol. Interface 24 on switch Rack2sw1 is configured for pvst-protection.

Testing is accomplished by configuring PVST spanning-tree mode on switch Rack2sw2. Interface 24 on switch Rack2sw1 changes state to inconsistent and a disable port spanning-tree message is logged.


********** Switch Rack2sw1 Configuration **********

Rack2sw1# show config | include span

spanning-tree priority 0

Rack2sw1# show config interface 24

interface 24
   untagged vlan 12
   spanning-tree pvst-protection

********** Switch Spanning-Tree Verification **********

Rack2sw1# show spanning-tree | include CST

  CST Root MAC Address : 941882-a36540
  CST Root Priority    : 0
  CST Root Path Cost   : 0
  CST Root Port        : This switch is root

********** Spanning-Tree Set to RPVST on Switch 2 **********

Rack2sw2(config)#  spanning-tree mode rapid-pvst

********** Testing Verification **********

Rack2sw1# show spanning-tree inconsistent-ports

 Instance ID Blocked Port Reason
 ----------- ------------ -------------------------
 CST         24           Bpdu Error
 CST         A1
 CST         A2
 CST         B1
 CST         B2

Rack2sw1# show logging -r

 Keys:   W=Warning   I=Information
         M=Major     D=Debug E=Error

----  Reverse event Log listing: Events Since Boot  ----
I 01/01/90 02:56:38 00077 ports: port 24 is now off-line
I 01/01/90 02:56:38 00898 ports: BPDU protect(5) has disabled port 24

Rack2sw2(config)# show spanning-tree vlan 12

 Spanning Tree Information

  STP Enabled              [No] : Yes
  Mode                          : RPVST
  Extended System ID            : Enabled
  Ignore PVID Inconsistency     : Disabled
  Switch MAC Address            : 941882-a48880

  VLAN ID                       : 12
  RPVST Enabled                 : Enabled

  Root MAC Address              : 941882-a48880
  Root Priority                 : 32,768
  Root Path Cost                : 0
  Root Port                     : This switch is root
  Operational Hello Time (secs) : 2
  Topology Change Count         : 0
  Time Since Last Change        : 3 hours

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