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Aruba Switches Event Log Erasing 2930F 16.04

I am still trying to figure out why a factory restore does not "totally factory restore". We would like to resell a switch but I have tried lots of commands to remove / erase all entries from the event log like you would see if you got a new switch from "the factory". I would expect there is a file you can delete or otherwise to erase the log as we don't really want to resell a switch that has a thousand entries in the event log.


We have the lastest software on our test switch and I have tried many commands to try and remove all the entries in the event log. Maybe its not possible but i have looked through all the manuals but I cannot find out how to "erase all entries from the event log".


I would think if you're going to retire or resell a switch that you would want to reset the event log for the next customer. I realize there may not be any customer information in there but it just looks better to start with a clean event log. I kept thinking why would they not put a clear event log command or button.


Thanks for any help!

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Re: Aruba Switches Event Log Erasing 2930F 16.04

You can purge the event log with the following command:


sw-workshop-01# clear logging
sw-workshop-01# show logging
 Keys:   W=Warning   I=Information
         M=Major     D=Debug E=Error
----  Event Log listing: Events Since Boot  ----
I 08/23/17 10:18:20 00184 mgr: Log cleared as a result of  'clear logging'
----  Bottom of Log : Events Listed = 1  ----

For a full factory reset, I would use the front-panel Clear-Reset buttons as described in the Installation and Getting Started Guide:



Restore the factory default configuration
1. Press Clear and Reset simultaneously.
2. While continuing to press Clear, release Reset.
3. When the Global Status LED begins to fast flash orange (after approximately 5 seconds), release Clear.


Restoring to factory default :

  • Interrupts the switch operation momentarily

  • Clears any passwords

  • Clears the console event log

  • Resets the network counters to zero

  • Performs a complete self test

  • Reboots the switch into its factory default configuration including deleting the IP address, if one is configured.

If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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Re: Aruba Switches Event Log Erasing 2930F 16.04

Thanks for your help.


I have tried both processes again but i think the web caching was maintaining the log somehow (using firefox). In the web management, the event was saying the clear logging command was run but hundreds of events were still showing


So enter the following commands:


clear logging



then remove the power cord and clear any browser cache ctrl+shift+delete with firefox


then the event log was reduced to 64 events which is typical number of events when you start a new switch.


However, after running the factory default reset (using the clear and reset buttons) and deleting the browser cache - the events were still being saved in the log which is strange behaviour.


For now i will be running the factory reset then going to cli to run the clear logging, show logging, then save commands unless they build a function into the web management.


Have a great day!

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