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Aruba VIA VPN previously installed on Windows 10 try to reinstall but installation fails.

I installed Aruba VPN client (through which we can access our campus network and do research - METU) on my Windows 10 PC. I accidentally uninstalled the client program but when I try to reinstall it halts the installation and prompts me to exit. I did an internet search for the problem and failed to get any admissible solution (they suggest, for instance, changing maximum number of filters from the registry but Windows 10 has no restriction on that already)


Note that we looked for any remaining files for the program and couldn't find any. So I still can't understand why this is happening. Somewhere in the log file there is an installation halt line that mentioned with a 6***  error code or something (I don't remember exactly). 


Please at least give me some directions. I don't want to reinstall my Windows 10.


I attached log files. Please help me on this. It is kind of urgent.





Middle East Technical University,

Turkey / Ankara

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