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Aruba VIA domain pre-connection and CPU issues

Hey All,

Just thought I would reach out and see if anyone else has experianced this issue with Aruba VIA domain-pre-connect and the local machine CPU spiking. To give you a little background on the deployment, we are using Aruba VIA to tunnel computers back to the customer’s network when student choose to bring their laptops home. Right now, the connection profile is configured for the following items:

aaa authentication via connection-profile "xxxxxxxxx"

server addr "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" position 0

auth-profile "default" position 0

no client-logging

ikev2-policy "10006"

ike-policy "20"




no validate-server-cert

dns-suffix-list "rps.ad"

max-reconnect-attempts 10

no allow-user-disconnect

When the issues occur, the system host process spikes to 100 percent. At this time the user cannot move the mouse or access any application. After about 5 minutes of the CPU being pegged beyond its capacity the screen turns the screen white and the computer shutsdown. This issue only occurs when a user connected to an untrusted network logoffs with the Aruba VIA running and another user signs into the computer.

This issue can be easily replicated.

Any Ideas?

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