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Aruba switch 2930F 48P Poe+ STP, MLT, Trunk, Lacp, Tagged/Untagged

Hi All,


I have got few questions to ask hope someone kind would be able to answer that. 


1) On aruba switch 2930F, is it important to enable STP and is it default also is it best practice to enable STP on vlan basis or interface basis.


2) Is MLT and Trunk are same and if yes then how do we configure it, I'm from cisco environment so trying to get my head around HPE. Please help.


3) Lacp, how to enable lacp on trunk. Can someone post any examples for it with the commands. 


4) So what does actually tagged and untagged do in HPE I know its similar to cisco like access port and trunk but I feel like I'm tangled with 2 different vendors so got lost in the terminology. Would be good if someone explain this as well with an example. 


Thanks to all in advance for your reply. Really appreciate that.

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Re: Aruba switch 2930F 48P Poe+ STP, MLT, Trunk, Lacp, Tagged/Untagged

1) Depends entirely on what your topology is. Spanning tree is not enabled by default. The 2930F supports mstp and rstp. Both have pros and cons. If you're deploying Aruba in an existing environment, just use the same protocol the other stuff is running. Otherwise you're in for surprises.


2) MLT and trunk is the same. This is known as port-channels in the Cisco world. This is the biggest hurdle for people coming over from Cisco: Trunks describe entirely different things in Cisco and Aruba. For configuration examples, check out Arubas documentation.


3) LACP is enabled on trunks by default. This is the standard protocol for doing link aggregation control, you see


4) Tagged and untagged pertains to how vlans are sent out on an interface. In Cisco the "tagged" vlans are the ones from "switchport trunk allow vlan x" command. The "untagged" vlan is what Cisco calls "switchport trunk native vlan x". The Aruba commands here make a lot more sense because they describe how the vlans are actually treated: The tagged vlans have vlan tags inserted into the data packet to be picked up by the receiver. The untagged vlans does not have vlan information tagged onto the packet.

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Re: Aruba switch 2930F 48P Poe+ STP, MLT, Trunk, Lacp, Tagged/Untagged

Hi ljorg,

Thanks mate, that's useful. In terms of STP there is nothing configured on Aruba 3810 core switches though there are some configuration on avaya switches side which I'm going to replace with Aruba 2930f. So now the question comes if my core switch doesn't have STP enabled or MSTP/RSTP should I enabled it on my new switches(Aruba2930f) or what approach should I follow before replacing the old avaya switch with Aruba.

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