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ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0050 Upgrade

I had a quick question about upgrading the ArubaOS on our Aruba 8400.


We are currently running version 10.01.0040 and will be upgrading to version 10.02.0050. The 10.02 release notes specifically mentions that if you are upgrading from version 10.00 there will be network downtime but only mentions reboots for management modules for upgrading from 10.01 but I dont want to assumn that this means there will be no network downtime.


Just wondering if anyone has done this upgrade already and if there was any network downtime during the process.



Colton Andersen

Re: ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0050 Upgrade

The network impact during upgrade depends on many parameters:

- standalone versus VSX cluster

- upstream ROP versus VSX LAGs

- full-mesh versus square topology

- using routing traffic draining technic versus nothing


It can vary from 200ms to seconds.


Worst case: If you have a server that is single attached to the rebooting chassis, it will take the entire time of the Line Card reboot (at least 5 minutes). 

Upgrading from 10.1, to 10.2 you may see some low-level firmware upgrade that may lead to perform several reboots (automatically).


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Re: ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0050 Upgrade

Hi Colton.


Just a detail to second what Vincent wrote you: moving from any ArubaOS-CX 10.01 to ArubaOS-CX 10.02 (consider, as example, moving to the very first ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0001...that's because moving to latest [*] actual ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0050 should be basically the same) will start an upgrade process that may take some minutes to complete...depending on system configuration.


During the upgrade, as written, the Management Modules will be rebooted several times to let installation of newer ServiceOS and Software Modules (and Line Cards will receive new Firmwares too)...so you should plan a downtime maintenance window accordingly...IIRC the boot system command will provide an estimate of total downtime:


Aruba-8400X# boot system
Checking for updates needed to programmable devices...
Done checking for updates.
N device(s) need to be updated during the boot process.
The estimated update time is T minute(s).
There may be multiple reboots during the update process.
This will reboot the entire switch and render it unavailable
until the process is complete.
Continue (y/n)? y
The system is going down for reboot.

Where N (absolute number) and T (in minutes) will vary.


[*] If I were you...maybe waiting the next-to-come ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0060 will be convenient...its release should be just-around-the-corner (probably)...that's good especially if you aren't planning to go directly to very latest ArubaOS-CX 10.03.0001 from ArubaOS-CX 10.01.0040 (that's possible).

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Re: ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0050 Upgrade

Just to let you know that ArubaOS-CX 10.02.0060 was released.

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