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ArubaOS-CX 10.02 VSX with spanning tree



More advice needed.

I'm replacing a Cisco network core with a pair of 8320's setup with VSX. The existing network infrastructure is utising spanning tree. As the 8320's will be the centre of the network, i was going to make them the root of the spanning-tree domain.

On the 8320 i enabled MSTP on both switches and for some some reason it blocks the data on the ISL LAG. I have disconnected everything (even the keepalive) so only the ISL LAG is in place and it remains blocked until i disable spanning tree on one of the switches.


Could someone let me know what the best practice is when it comes to introducing VSX into an enviroment running spanning-tree.


Can spanning-tree be left off the VSX switches and left on all the other switches in the network?

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Re: ArubaOS-CX 10.02 VSX with spanning tree

Just an update on this, i have resolved the issue and MSTP is now working ok with the VSX, what i think caused the issue was me putting in the command span prio 1, i believe this is a rpvst command which is not compatible with VSX, when i got rid og that command and setup MSTP correctly all worked fine.

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Re: ArubaOS-CX 10.02 VSX with spanning tree



today we had a similar problem with MSTP.


Please note that you have to configure BOTH VSX-Members with the SAME spanning-tree priority.


If the spanning-tree priority is different, the ISL goes in blocking state.


I hope this helps someone.



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