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ArubaOS-CX 10.03.0031 is here!

Hi all,


ArubaOS-CX 10.03.0031 Software Images for Aruba 8400, Aruba 8325 and Aruba 8320 have just been published.



Please refer to Release Notes provided on above links for a complete view of new features, enhancements and bug fixes introduced with this ArubaOS-CX software release.


[NOTE] Please note that on ASP Aruba Support Portal, as of today September 4th 2019, links to Release Notes reported above are incorrects (all three release notes links point to Release Note document - a00088015en_us.pdf - of ArubaOS-CX 10.03.0031 of Aruba 8320 Switch Series), correct links were retrieved on support.hpe.com instead.


[05.09.2019] ASP: someone fixed the ArubaOS-CX 10.03.0031 Release Note link for Aruba 8400X (it now points to correct PDF file) but forgot to also fix the ArubaOS-CX 10.03.0031 Release Note link for Aruba 8325 which, as of today, is still pointing to Aruba 8320's PDF. 

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