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ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

has anybody deployed the ArubaOS-CX on ESXI with the OVA, 


I am unable to get any connectivity to the management interface nor any of the other with some very simple config.


I have configured the mgmt interface with an IP and Default gateway, although unable to get a connection.


Am I missing something with the virtual deployment?

Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

Did you enable promiscuous mode on the virtual network connecting

the first interface of the VM (which is the mgmt interface) ?


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Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

 Yes, I tried that but no luck. 



Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

could you paste a "show int mgmt" ?

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Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI




had to do a screenshot, shows the config and no ip on the mgmt.

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Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI



Be sure to double-check the virtual NICs in the VM settings; in particular, Network Adapter 1 should be connected to the management network you wish to access the VM from using the virtual management interface.  If this is the first time you've started this virtual machine, try rebooting it using the boot system command, and check the management interface again.

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Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

I couldn't get this working, imported it into fusion and it works straight away.


Not how I wanted as wanted to use some of the features but will at least get me on the GUI and the Rest.


has anybody got it working on ESXI 6.5

Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

Yes. It works on ESXi6.5 and if you're a partner you can access OVA information on Arubapedia For Partners:






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Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

Thanks, Will have a read and see if I can get it working.



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Re: ArubaOS-CX on ESXI

Has anyone had a chance to setup the ArubaOS-CX VM with GNS3 and have access to the GUI? if I set it up standalone with vmware player I can access the gui with no problem, but not with GNS3, seems that gns3 re arrange the ports overriding the my manual settings.
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